What is ShareBlocks? -ShareBlocks is a platform to empower creators and users alike. Users can directly support their favorite online streamers, Youtubers, bloggers, artists, or anyone else who uses social media to reach their audience, without spending a dime.

How does it work? -Users support their favorite creators through social media outreach. Creators can link tweets, facebook posts, youtube videos, or any other platform where they host their content. In exchange for sharing creators' content with their friends users earn ShareCoins that they spend on creators' merchandise, giveaways, community events, or anything else the creator can think of!

What's a ShareCoin? -ShareCoin is a digital crypto token built exclusively for our platform. Through a secure, open-source smart contract, our users can be certain they are free from scams and shady business practices.

How do I get ShareCoins? -Creators buy ShareCoins and reward users with them for sharing their content through the use of our bounty system. Creators choose what content they want to garner attention and the amount of ShareCoins rewarded for completing the bounty.

-As a user, you can only obtain ShareCoins through completion of bounties. Bounties have time limits and a limited amount of SHC to distribute, but users must choose wisely what to share due to a limit on how many bounties can be collected a day.

What is a ShareCoin good for? -Creators have a personal market to choose the rewards they offer and their price in SHC. Users can only spend their SHC on the creators they earned them from, so by offering bigget bounties and better, cheaper rewards they further incentivize users to support them directly.

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