We were inspired by the various free food groups on facebook. We realized that on the one hand, everyone loves free food but it is not easy to find information about them; on the other hand, event organizers or individuals who order too much food often have to deal with food waste problems. We aim to build a mobile web that solve both problems and create the sharing economy in the food industry, just like Uber in transportation and Airbnb in the housing industry.

What it does

The web allows users who are looking for free food to: 1) access to real-time available free food locations in a map or list; 2) search for free food nearby; 3) contact the donor and pick up the food;

It also allows the users who are giving away food to: 4) post about extra food that needs to be taken;

How I built it

The project is a Django site. The models that will be used in conjunction with geodjango are still being written, but they should allow us to easily visualize free food nearby given a person's location.

Challenges I ran into

Staticfiles are always tricky with webapps. Git causes some problems when large files were committed. Also, configuring a database can be tricking. Setting up the right kind of database for geodjango was very troublesome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We figured out the bugs and tricky predicaments we found ourselves in.

What I learned

More about Django forms and models. Also, UI/UX design.

What's next for shareat

Fleshing out the functionality!

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