We wanted to do something good for the people and the environment, but had no idea, then suddenly realized that there's no eCommerce that lets you borrow things from other people, so we decided to work on it, since it seemed like a really good idea and something innovative.

What it does

This platform (iOS app and website) lets you borrow things from other people around you area, the idea is that you can share the things you don't use with other people and get paid for it, this is really good for the environment since it means that not everybody has to buy things. It also makes it possible for people who can't afford some of these things to try them for a way cheaper price. All the payments will be done by debit/credit card (or PayPal) and the buyer has to pick up and drop off the goods from the owner's place. For every item there's a price that the buyer would have to pay in case he breaks the goods or if he hold onto them, we would also do an id check just to make sure that nobody has double accounts and also to prosecute them. Furthermore, there's way more human interaction than a regular eCommerce since you get things from other people and you have to talk with them and get out of your house

How we built it

We built the website with bootstrap and wrote down a lot of the html, the backend is written in PHP and it offers restful API that can be used by the website and the iOS app, both of the projects aren't totally done yet, the website is partially done, we just need to set up everything using the APIs. The iOS app has all the graphics and was written totally from scratch, but just a small part of logic, we need to finish everything up using our own APIs. The authentication is done through Firebase and we've also used Google Maps' and Google Places' APIs because we wanted to make an interactive map with all the good you could borrow .

Challenges we ran into

Shortage of time, that was definitely the biggest problem, but it also took us a while to figure out an actual plan which we all agreed on and which seemed achievable. Furthermore, we started with some service and languages we didn't know and that made us waste a lot of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our idea, we really think it can be really good for our planet and for human beings. We're also proud of being able to partially realise something so ambitious, overall it was a great experience.

What we learned

We learned that team-work is the key to success in these type of competitions and we also deepened our knowledge in computer science. We also learnt that having a good gameplay is really important and that's where we lacked, next time we will try to be more organised and make a better plan.

What's next for Shareal

We might work on this project because it really seems like a good idea, but we need to think about college first, we're all freshmen and we're starting on Monday so we need to focus on that for a while. Later on we will probably continue with this project, we really think that this project can be really big!

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