App and Idea Description

The main idea was to encourage sharing of the knowledge contained in the GBIF dataset. Going from there, it was to make it important to understand sharing of natural resources in general for betterment of the environment. Thus the idea to share the images and other media shown for the different categories to prevent them from virtual extinction(No longer listed by the application). The challenge is for users to prevent the disappearance of images.

The application present the different scientific categories i.e Animalia, Chromista etc. It also presents country specific option "Locally".

When the user taps on either icon, it shows images regarding that category.

The application presents the user information about the family, species, date, temperature on the day etc.

The user can share the image by clicking on the share icon.

The total number of shares is also shown.

In future, a quiz option would be included to allow the user to tell whether the the species is extinct or not.

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