What's next for Share YU Event App We thought: let’s Share what YU does amazingly well. Events. I have literally been to Harry Potter pizza parties thrown by YU. I mean– look around. Landy- Meredith- I can’t believe what you guys pulled off- this event has been truly impressive. And your entire hackathon team- you guys were absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything – The mentors, the food, the nerf wars- Today has been dope.
But Back to US: We decided to dedicate 24 hours to sharing YU, and while we didn’t collect 6Million dollars, we did create this. Gal did the artwork- she designed our logo, mocked up the interface, and created this slideshow. Atara battled HTML, creating our front end. Ilana and Racheli built the entire backend, and stuck together the ENTIRE hackathon- because they said, “we work better as a team” Our app was ambitious- we wanted to give YU students the ability to see every event happening on campus- in the palm of their hand. We wanted what we created to be as useful as Google and as Gorgeous as Vogue. And, I am unbelievably proud of what we’ve done.

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