To reduce carbon footprint,helping our part to make it a greener planet at the same time providing commuters hassle free travel.

What it does

It allows the users to see,suggest users from the same locality to the same destination to carpool and thereby saving money, fuel the valuable time not spent in the traffic jam(more cars=more traffic)!

How we built it

We used google firebase as an infrastructure and used its features to authenticate the users. We then used HTML and CSS to build a simple yet efficient UI.

Challenges we ran into

GSMTP server issues to send tokens to validate the users. Errors while tracing the route map and writing all possible if cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the UI simple and effective.

What we learned

Using firebase effectively and understanding most of its tools.Also could compare between heroku and firebase.

What's next for Share-we-care

  1. Intercity connections.
  2. Real time traffic based suggestions.
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