The Breakdown


In honor of the new Delta Share The Love Co-branding campaign in New York that just launched we created a spinoff version used to help airlines gain relevant information about their consumers while currently on board

What it does:

The website brings users to an interactive survey about their future travel plans and the consumers satisfaction report with the airlines; this information will then be used by the airlines company to strategize new promotions and plans to increase sales in the future seasons. Consumers will take the survey while they are on board their flight, directing towards the consumer incentive at then end allowing one person on the flight to be refunded their total ticket price upon arrival to their destination.

How we built it:

Using HTML5/CSS3 as the primary foundation; we also integrated the use of Javascript for the background video and JQuery to display a sense of simplicity yet being able to have an interactive appeal admiring to Delta's color way & overall branding. For data purposes we included in depth research and poll system through qualtrics which had great representation of data retrieval and results

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Being able to come together and successfully build a web application, on an idea based on first hand travel experience and seeing what we're able to create from those moments

What's next for Share The Love

The next goal for Share The Love is to make the data retrieval process as comfortable for the users as it is for the company while one benefits the other. Data is retrieved - incentives are given

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