At the beginning of the hackathon we were throwing around ideas, but we found ourselves gravitating towards ideas revolving around health and promoting charity. For health, we considered problems ranging from ER wait time to health issue awareness to mental health monitoring. For promoting charity, we were thinking about sites like, kickstarter,, and Tab for a Cause and what made them successful. We started focusing on ways to make charity accessible, community-oriented, fun, and low-commitment.

Drawing from both lines of thought, we came up with Share the Gains, a web-app for promoting an active lifestyle while raising money for charities.

What it does

Often times, family members or friends might create fitness goals for each other and agree on a reward for achieving the fitness goal (e.g. if we eat healthier and stick with going to the gym for a month, we'll go on a weekend vacation or splurge on a new pair of shoes). Coworker, churches, and other communities also often have weight loss competitions where the person who loses the most weight in one month receives a gift card.

Share the Gains takes this idea of friends and family incentivizing fitness for each other and applies it to promoting charities. Share the Gains allows anyone with a Facebook account to sign up and send fitness challenges to their friends and families (i.e. facebook friends). Each challenge request has an associated fitness goal such as achieving a mile time under 8 minutes or running for half an hour a day for a month. Each challenge request also associated "reward," a small monetary award that the user who made the challenge agrees to donate to a selected charity if the challenge recipients completes the fitness goal. Share the Gains is integrated with Pebble smartwatches, and the completion of fitness goals is determined based on data taken from the Pebble. Each user provides credit card information upon registration, and donations are sent to the charity from the challenger once the challenge is complete. Share the Gains is a social web-app, and it includes a dashboard with a newfeed and records of ongoing and past challenges.

How I built it

The web-app was built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Login is done through an embedded Facebook login, and backend in taken care of using Parse. The payment system was achieved using the Stripe API.

What's next for Share the Gains

Ideas for functionalities to add in the future include:

  1. Bi-directional challenge requests (you can challenge another person to do a fitness goal or you can ask someone to donate if you complete a fitness goa)
  2. Mutual challenge requests (you set a mutual goal with a friend if you each donate if the other achieves the goal)
  3. Integration with PayPal
  4. Integration with facebook newsfeed
  5. In addition to a newsfeed, having profiles for each user -- profiles would include records of challenges, fitness goals, and donations
  6. As of now, we are only able to accommodate fitness goal that are based on running, which can be easily measured with Pebble. We definitely would want to allow for other fitness goals in the future.

We have the domain, but we're still hosting through cloud9 as of now

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