Since Each person will be busy in his own work,It is difficult to schedule Uber during crunch times.So it would be helpful to book a uber ahead of time. Also Even though two friends will be travelling between two common points using Uber,.Since One wont be knowing the schedule/Calendar of the other.They would have to pay up the whole travel cost.

What it does

This App helps people people schedule a Uber ahead of time. Also it syncs up your calendar with your friends calendars and lets you know if there is any common place that you travel.Hence allowing the possibility to share a Uber ride thereby reducing the individual cost.

How I built it

Used a central Node.js server as a backend server to make the Uber API calls. Used a MYSQL database to sync up the calendars between friends of a person

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the OAuth

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrated the Uber OAuth

What I learned

Ability to finish off a project within 36 hours

What's next for Share My Ride

Help Uber Implement these services in production which would help out lots of students


This app syncronizes your calendar with your friends calendar and suggests you if there is any common place that you and him/her visit at a certain point of time.If yes,it helps you to book a Single Uber which can be shared thus reducing your expenses. .

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