Use latest AI/ML technologies to reach people across the word to spread awareness about projects run by Non-Profit organization. Provide support to non-profit organizations to make their operations easy and reduce the number of human resources required under current difficult conditions of COVID-19 also. Use social media application e.g. Facebook Messenger to reach billions of people acroos the world and spread the mission themes and objectives easily

What it does

Share & Care is a platform to provide operational support to non-profit organization as a first step it has a facebook page which provides a smart messenger bot based on AWS LEX. using this bot any visitor can: 1-Search projects based on themes ( Education , Hunger, Environment etc...) or keyword ( Country, Organization Name etc..) 2- View Images to get knowledge about the work of projects 3- Get details about the non-profit projects right in their mailbox with full details and links 4- MOST IMPORTANT: Donate money to any project Id with the help of portal provided by

How I built it

-Thanks to for providing free access to their DATA API. using API I have created a chat bot on AWS Lex platform.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating payments with Application has been applied for payment integration, will take time for approval therefore a link is formulated in the code and provided to the user where user can pay on the website

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created chat bot with lot of features connected to real time charity projects run by real time organizations

What I learned

Non-Profit organizions working, Interface with

What's next for Share & Care

Will implement other interface of Non-Profit organizations e.g. Will add Gift Card, AI Based Thanks Giving Mail and Cards

Built With

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