Usually people in the work says: "te doy un ray?" which means, he can share its journey by his route, what about help people to enjoy sharing? this is why share a route was created.

What it does

It allows to search near routes (origin and destination based on) and then you can invite a other people to trip in your route, all about is collaboration to improve the movility of the Mexico City.

How I built it

The core of share a route is java and spring, the services works thanks to mongodb and google geo service.

Challenges I ran into

Search for near routes and join it in just one, it is a hard topic in which to think.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Work with mongo db as geolocalization engine is fun.

What I learned

Define the purpose of a project is hard, we need to have too clear what people we want to have registered in our system that means have a public target, if we do not have it, the implementation goes to differents paths wich is dangeous because in Mexico we say "el que mucho abarca, poco aprieta", (you try to know too much but you won't know anything)

What's next for share a journey

Introduce more types of multi routes options, like uber API, and carrot, unfortunately looks like carrot does not have any API exposed to developers.

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