We all love to share things from our phones but at times its hard to share them. Going for a outing or hiking its hard to enjoy that movie or song together on such a small screen. Sending a piece of text maybe a web link or sample code line to one or more persons requires much more clicks and efforts than info itself So we thought why can't we have a WEB App or an Actual android App that can do this and make sharing much more fun and enjoyable. One APP that can share it all from one place. Use multiple mobiles as a widescreen stacked side by side and enjoy that video. Broadcast File, Text and Web Links to all in one go.

How it Works

For prototype Team has worked in two directions one is Web APP that all the students can log In and then professor can send them the required code line to all at once or may be you can send the information to other friends in a group at the same time, or may be much bigger notify thousand of online logged in users about a natural calamity or fire in building at once. No need to have any history or special connection required just login and start sharing. Also if two of you have the Web APP open in your browser just type StartVideo and video will be split in half and half on these devices and they can be placed side by side creating a widescreen view.

On the other hand there is a Mobile version that is having all the features of Web Version but is much more personal Mobile version is based on WiFi Direct so no need to have anything else no network required nothing. Just take your phone and start share+ share a file with many of your friend those are in range or lets say you are on a hiking and wanna enjoy that song together but just have small phones that don't have so much of sound no worry just use share+ and play the same song on all devices at the same time and voila you have a virtual surround sound loudspeaker out of tiny devices in your pocket stack these phones side by side and there you have a large wide screen on which every one can enjoy the movie at the same time. Lets say you are a professor and needs to send a small file that students can use right away in lecture no need to go to NYU classes again and creating new resources when you can just start the Share+ app on your phone and send the file to every one in range by just a single click. Its all about making your sharing much more enjoyable and fun so start sharing.


Web version was gave challenges like how can we split the screen and play the same video on two devices at the same time. Mobile version is even more challenging as its based on WiFi direct and has lots of vendor specific implementation that makes it really hard to even get off the ground when you have two phones of different brand and that's even one reason that there is not is single App in android market that is truly based on WiFi Direct..

Proud Facts

Made and implemented our own handshake and control protocol for sync and transfer of contents on the Mobile version. Worked on things that no one really thought of before Technology like WiFi Direct that us talked about a lot but never used in real life. Sharing info with every one and anyone at the same time no Details shared except the ones that most required and you really wanted to share.

What I learned

Things are not really that simple even for technology like WiFi Direct which is said to be standard but is really so much vendor specific and can turn out to be a total odd turning the entire community away resulting not even a single App in store. Team can do magic one person can have idea but might not have tools to do things while others can have so much of tools and know how but might not have a great idea they can apply their knowledge to together they can create the magic required to make the world a better place much more connected and sharing

What's next for Share+

Will Try to fix all the bugs and defects of the Mobile and Web versions Will try to extend the Web version to include personal groups and File shares Will Try to implement the Mobile version for all devices no matter if its same vendor device or different vendors.

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