As technology continues to advance, our personal bubbles continue to grow as well. Gone are the days in which we were only connected to our home towns. It isn't strange to have family and friends on different continents, which is why there needs to be more opportunities to have shared experiences.

Technology should give us the opportunity to do this, but many of us passively participate in these interactions. Endless scrolling with simple likes count as engagement for both users and developers. We aim to leverage the full potential of 5G create an app that truly brings friends and family together.

Singing as a group, whether you have the voice of an angel or sound like a dying cat, provides more than the monotony of catching up with a phone call or video chat. Our goal with Shar-E-Oke is to bring joy to our users by providing fun, shared experiences, erasing any possible distance between them. And if they're right next to each other? Well, what better way to leverage technology, already in-hand, to enhance their time spent together!

What it does

Shar-E-Oke brings people closer together by leveraging the power of 5G speeds.

Users will join karaoke rooms, then search for and select songs. Once their song comes up, they will be the singer, and everyone else in the karaoke room will be the audience, with their devices acting as a mini sound system.

Having a karaoke session with friends in different timezones? No problem! Now you can all have some fun despite the distance! Is everyone in the karaoke room also in your living room? The mini sound systems will now become much louder for more fun!

How we built it

We used the MEAN stack as the basis of our web app. Additionally, we leveraged and some jQuery, so that everyone in a karaoke room maintains real-time updates for song cues, room participants, and shared video/output.

We used the YouTube API to get instrumental versions of songs and the Genius API to find the appropriate lyrics for them.

Finally, we used the Materialize framework for the front-end styling.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first hackathon for the majority of our group. We wanted to challenge ourselves and create something that was meaningful, while at the same time viable.

We may have underestimated the scope of our project, which lead to some difficulties. Specifically, live-streaming video/audio to everyone in a karaoke room proved to be the greatest challenged we faced this weekend.

On a smaller scale, learning to use both the YouTube and Genius APIs effectively gave us a few headaches, but ultimately resulted in a smooth user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Challenging ourselves at our first Hackathon is a point of pride for us. We rose to the occasion and are extremely happy regardless of the outcome.

We have more confidence in our skills and ourselves by meeting -- and overcoming -- the obstacles we faced.

What's next for Shar-E-Oke

We will continue to develop the app further and plan to launch in within the next quarter.

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