3 humans and a shapeshifter on a failing spaceship: will the humans fix their ship and find out who the alien is? Or will the alien manipulate and lead the humans to their deaths?

What it does

It's a turn by turn collaborative game. Players must take decisions together to save their spaceship.

The catch is that some players are shapeshifting aliens and nobody knows who they are (apart from themselves and the other aliens). They know the entire state of the game (Which rooms in the spaceship are dangerous, where the critical objects that the player must collect are located,..). They have to influence the players decisions without being too obvious and make sure that nobody survives.

The game is organised in turns with two different phases: 1) Every player proposes something to the crew (Eg: Send Mark to the Kitchen, Attempt to repair the motor, Throw Jack in space,..) 2) Every player votes for one proposition. The one with the most votes is resolved.

The crew must explore rooms to find the necessary objects needed to repair the spaceship. Some rooms are deadly, but they don't know which (until someone doesn't come back from one expedition). They can use drones instead of humans to check wether a room is safe or not. In case the crew suspects that a player is an alien, they can vote to throw him or her in space (the spaceship AI will immediately alert them whether the now floating lifeless body was a human or an alien)

How we built it

It is built with ReactJS, blood and sweat

Challenges we ran into

  • CSS is a b**ch
  • React is a b**ch

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It (kind of) works

What we learned

  • React
  • Git
  • Blueprints for React
  • StoryBook
  • CSS Flexbox

What's next for Shapeshifter Invasion- A Collaborative Turn-based Game

  • 10+ multiplayer support.
  • Multiplayer Lobby
  • More beautiful graphics.
  • Transitions
  • Chat

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