-Intro to Game Development at MHacks VI

What it does

-Shape Strife is a simple game in which the player is a large sphere being chased by rectangles. The player can destroy the rectangles by firing smaller spheres at the enemies.

How I built it

-After going to my first tech talk on video games I built off of the concept. During the tech talk we learned about basic functions of unity and created a game where a sphere moves left, right, up or down while shooting mini spheres at moving rectangles.

Challenges I ran into

-The main challenge was using Unity and MonoDevelop to program in C# as this is my first time using either system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Having taken a class in C++ I am proud of the fact that I understand how some of the code works. However when I complete this project I will proudly be able to state that I created my first 3D game.

What I learned

-I learned how to program in C# as well as how the Unity and MonoDevelop systems work

What's next for Shape Strife

-I want to integrate the EA API into my program. With the EA API fully integrated I will be able to use a phone device as the controller for game.

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