Created by Nola Chen, Spencer Pozder, Rachel Volpert and Alexis Dubs Currently in the Disney World conference room


A commonly overlooked fact is that when it comes to sustainability, reduce is the first R. Many of us find ourselves making unwise environmental or financial decisions when we use rideshare apps instead of T-ing, walking or biking. Or when we go on a frenzied online shopping spree as if we are an unstoppable force and a $10 shirt from Zaful is a very movable object. Whatever the bad habits may be, we want to help folks break them through powerful forces of social pressure and .... SHAME. Shamehub connects to your bank cards and displays purchases in categories you deem shameful for all of your friends to see and shame your for!

Technology Stack

  • Python3 - backend
  • Node.js - backend
  • PostgreSQL - database
  • Ionic with React - frontend
  • Plaid API - manage connections to credit/debit cards


To set up environment in backend: ENSURE THAT YOU ARE USING PYTHON3

python3 -m venv venv (if the venv folder does not exist) . venv/bin/activate pip install -r requirements.txt export DATABASE_HOST=localhost export DATABASE_NAME=shamehublocal export DATABASE_USER=$USER flask run or python

To set up environment in front-end: npm install ionic serve

Located in room "Disney World"!

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