The program “Shaman” is an interactive platform of shamanic musical instruments. The program allows you to play ethnic instruments such as jew's harp, shamanic hendbells and tambourine. These instruments are displayed in photographic quality. Using the technologies of multi-user and multi-touch (MUMT), users can simultaneously play multiple instruments, and also they can move and rotate them for of the game convenience. Thus, the echo of ancient musical instruments comes to life on advanced technologies. The user can also choose the background music. There is a graphics animation for each background music that allows you to dig deeper into the ethno-era. There are several areas with different sounds for each instrument. There is one sound when you touch the left side of the instrument, and another one when you touch the right side of the instrument respectively. The tambourine has more than two zones. Please, experiment with these instruments to identify the sound secrets.

The program interface is optimized for the computer table mode. The users can sit down at the table from different sides and easily play the instruments. The basic sounds and music are recorded by the developers in the course of travel to the Carpathians in summer 2014 – 2015.

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