Having been on overseas trips before, we know how tedious it can be for someone to plan a trip, and how difficult it can be to have multiple people with different preferences plan a trip together.

We then realized that we didn't have to reinvent the wheel and could instead build on the collaborative services that Google Docs already provided, working to make the planning and preparation easy as pie.

What it does

It is a Google Docs Add-On that helps you and your friends to plan your next trip together with ease.

Shall We Go makes things easier and more convenient. Planning a trip is already stressful. Gone are the days where one needs to open multiple tabs for research. Shall We Go appears as a sidebar in Google Docs, with all the useful information required to plan a trip.

Shall We Go has 3 key features - Local Information, Video Player and Destination Selector.

  1. Local Information

    • With the help of Google Maps, users can paste maps of hotels, attractions into their document with just a click of a button.
    • Users can get the latest currency conversion rates.
    • Users can receive important information related to a country. Such as, weather forecast, language spoken and emergency hotlines.
  2. Video Player

    • Consolidate travel YouTube videos in the document. Play these videos with the built in video player.
    • Take notes as the video plays, all in the same browser tab.
  3. Destination Selector

    • Let Formatter take care of formatting and styling your document.
    • No more accidental removal of information.
    • You and your friends can also decide on the destination to visit in a nice and neat table.
    • Easily add or remove locations from the table with a single click, and select the location of your choice.
    • Keep track of who voted for which destination
    • Automatically highlighting the destination with the most number of votes

How does it compare to available services?

Well, most travel planners lack collaboration. Only 1 person is able to make changes to the itinerary. To share a planner, they would have to share links or screenshot the planner. Giving feedback is only limited through meetings or messaging. This slows down the planning process and makes it difficult to get everyone’s input.

With Shall We Go, travellers can simply work on their itinerary on Google Docs. Add images, find local information and look at travel videos all within Shall We Go. Leveraging on Google Docs collaborative features, everyone can be on the same page.

How we built it

  1. We used HTML and CSS to format and style the sidebar.
  2. jQuery and Javascript were used to make the add-on functional.
  3. Google Apps Script took care of features that made use of the document.

Challenges we ran into

  1. It was our first time working with Google Apps Script.
  2. We have never used jQuery before as well.
  3. Information on Google Docs Add-on was very limited and rather hard to find.
  4. Debugging and testing our add-on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Trying something quite scary and new.
  2. Finally understanding the documentation. :')
  3. Learning jQuery and Google Apps Script.
  4. Improving our JS, HTML and CSS skills.
  5. Using Google Cloud Platform and writing code in the cloud in the Apps Script environment.

What we learned

  1. Spending more time on ideation and researching before jumping into a project.
  2. Learned how to create add ons for Google Docs!
  3. We also discovered a whole bunch of features for Google docs we didn't know existed before when we were developing our project.
  4. Learned how to write in jQuery and Google Apps Script.

What's next for Shall We Go

  1. Include APIs from other travel websites to provide even more info to help you better plan your trip. Add flight and hotel availability within the app.
  2. More automation to format the document neatly.
  3. Create interesting and fun templates to style the document.
  4. Publishing our add-on to Google Workplace Marketplace.

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