I'm reading Julius Caesar in class which reminded me of two things, the Caesar Cipher where each letter shifts and the Shakespeare programming language which is an esoteric language that makes the code looks like a Shakespeare play. So I combined those two things to make this project.

What it does

It takes an input of a number and shifts the letters of Caesar's famous last line "Et tu Brute" using a Caesar Cipher and this was all done in Shakespeare Programming Language

How we built it

I used the Shakespeare Programming Language which was quite difficult to wrap my head around since I have no experience with esoteric languages.

Challenges we ran into

The documentation of the Shakespeare Programming Language no longer exists meaning I had to read the code of the library that interprets it and figure it out from there

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working piece of code that looks like a Shakespeare Play

What we learned

How to use esoteric languages

What's next for Shakespeare's Cipher

Add more possible phrases to cipher

Built With

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