We all love our friends that quote Shakespeare casually, but to read shakespeare is daunting for even the most advanced readers. What if you could consume shakespeare in a casual setting, and in small, bite-sized chunks?

What it does

Add Shakespeare-bot to your server and use the command:

!sonnet number

to have shakespeare-bot tell you what that sonnet is.

How I built it

Utilized API and project-gutenberg's repository of Shakespeare.

Challenges I ran into

Converting Shakespeare's books into a proper lookup-table for sonnets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fully setup discord bot you can add to any server!

What I learned

  • general api integration
  • the power of! Very surprised how extensible it is

What's next for Shakespeare Bot

  1. adding more error checking and sassy-messages when incorrectly talking to Shakespeare-bot
  2. adding support for Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet
  3. applying NLP techniques to identify shakespeare-insults

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