"Shake off with your friends. Shake off with your family. But most importantly, shake off with yourself." - President Obama

We decided to shake things up with an incredibly easy Android application. It's an exercise, a donation game, and most importantly, a soul-warming activity. This app is for all Android device users who pretend to text on their phone to avoid an awkward situation, but want something to actually look at. This is your answer! ShakeOff by shaking your phone, it's that simple! Gain shake points, level up, and ShakeOff faster than that pesky Nicholas Kardashian on special levels.

Careful though, if you lose the ShakeOff to Nicholas, you pledge $1.00 to Habitat For Humanity through your Venmo account, and have to start over from level 1. But wait... That's a win-win! You gain shake points, AND you can save our environment. Look at you. You're so cool.

Carefully constructed with our original algorithm to track a "shake," as well as the use of Venmo to help society, ShakeOff will be the most addicting activity you've ever taken part in. So c'mon, and shake it off! Shake it off!

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