The inspiration behind this app was accredited to the absence of a watchOS native or client application for LinkedIn, a fairly prominent and ubiquitously used platform on the iOS counterpart. This propelled the idea of introducing a watchOS client to perform what LinkedIn is used most practically for, connecting with professionals and growing one's network, in an intuitively gesture-delivering method through a handshake.

What it does

ShakeIn performs a peer-to-peer LinkedIn connection using two Apple watches through a handshake gesture from the two parties. This is done so through initiation of sender and receiver and then simply following through with the handshake.

How we built it

ShakeIn was built using Xcode in Swift, with CocoaPods, Alamofire, LinkedIn's Invitation and Oauth 2.0 APIs, Core Bluetooth, Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 2, and WatchConnectivityKit.

Challenges we ran into

Counteracting our barrier of demonstration due to CoreBluetooth only being supported for Apple Watch Series 3 and up was the biggest challenge. This was due to the fact that only one of our watches supported the framework and required a change of approach involving phone demonstration instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Introducing a LinkedIn based client to perform its most purposeful task through a simple, natural, and socially conventional method

What we learned

Building this app invoked greater awareness for purposeful usage and applicability for the watchOS development platform and how gesture activated processing for an activity can come to fruition.

What's next for ShakeIn

Progressive initiatives involve expanding ShakeIn's applicability in acknowledgement of the fact that the watch is more commonly worn on the left wrist. This implies introducing alternative gesturing that is also intuitive in nature comparable to that of a handshake in order to form a LinkedIn connection.

Built With

  • ios
  • watchos
  • corebluetooth
  • linkein-invitation-api
  • linkedin-oauth-2.0
  • watchshaker
  • clockkit
  • xcode
  • swift
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