While meeting new people during my 1st semester, I realized that exchanging contact information was actually cumbersome and required effort. So I thought, "why not combine smart watch technology and the common human activity of shaking hands, to share contact information ? "

Challenges I ran into

1) Handling edge cases when a large number of people in proximity are using the application 2)Preventing the triggering of application due to any other motion of hand similar to that during a handshake.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1) Overcoming the above 2 challenges 2)Making it available for watches like pebble, which don't have nfc

What I learned:

1) I learned that adding different APIs can cause multiple conflicts based on the minimum SDK version requirements that they have in their manifest files. This was a major problem while coding. 2) In addition, it was challenging to incorporate the APIs from various companies into Java because most of those APIs were in .NET or C.

What's next for Shaked! :

1) Development for apple watch

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