he frequency of the number of dangerous situations present in daily life along with the lack of apps that can actually help you in these dire situations, made us realise why we need to make such an app!

What it does

Our app sends alerts to selected contacts informing them that we are in danger, not only silently but also quickly, with just a shake of our phone.

How we built it

We built this app using blocks on *MIT App Inventor", to program our app exactly the way we want to. We also used google dots and slides to share our ask files and edit the code, as well as to organise our ideas.

Challenges we ran into

Sharing codes and making edits together was a difficult task as MIT App Inventor does not have a remote repository like Github and Qoom, but we were able to move past them using google docs and google slides to organise our ideas! Pulling all-nighters helped with the timezone issue

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All 4 of us are super beginners so trying to figure out what application to use was a very big task, fortunately through the workshops and our own research, we were able to learn what developing a webpage or an app means, and we created something we were proud of!

What we learned

We learned about front-end developmetnt of a webpage, how to efficiently pitch and to create connections through teammates and mentors!!

What's next for Shakebee app

Moving forward, we would also like to incorporate a live location update along with the alert message, so help can be sent as fast as possible

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