Introducing BandShake

A contact sharing app that utilizes Microsoft Band to share contact information with another user by handshake.

Requirement: Users must have a Android device connected with a Microsoft Band and the Microsoft Band must be configured using Microsoft Health.

The app starts with a welcome page where the user may enter the informations that they want to share. User can also use their Facebook login information and using Facebook's API the app will gather user's data. Only the name field is required. NOTE: Due to Facebook's policy, informations, including work and education history requires the app to be reviewed, which requires around 7 days time. Our team will not have enough time for the app to be reviewed before HackHarvard ends.

After the user has pressed the Join button, the app will be connected to a server and the Microsoft Band is now ready to be used to share you contact information!

Upon successful shares, the band will give the user a haptic feedback to notify the user that data has been sent and the user's phone will sound to nofity the user that data has been received.

Tapping the respective user's information will bring to a more detail profile of the user, with links to social sites including Skype, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Future plans:

  • To make the profile more customizable.
  • To allow resume uploads.
  • Many more ideas to come...
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