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We wanted to create an effortless way to de-stress when at the work place. So we obviously involved memes in this as much possible. We wanted to create a discussion board where employees can share memes that they think are dank

What it does

There is a Leap Motion sensor connected to your laptop. Whenever you feel like it, you perform the Shaka gesture on the Leap Motion sensor and it display a dank meme from r/dankmemes. If you like the meme, you perform the Peace gesture on the Leap Motion sensor and it would share the meme to a channel of your choice on Slack. The channel now acts like a discussion board and anyone with our app and a Leap Motion sensor can share memes that are dank. Our database updates daily with new memes from r/dankmemes so that user will not see the same memes again and again

How we built it

The entire project is built on Python. The code checks if the a particular gesture is a Shaka or a Peace sign using the Leap Motion SDK. If it is a Shaka, it would randomly pick a link from our database of dank memes and display it to the user. If the Peace sign is detected, it would check if a meme has already been displayed and if so, it would share the link of that meme to a channel on Slack. We are using Slack's API to achieve this functionality.

Challenges we ran into

Accurately training the Leap Motion to recognize only the two gestures and not trigger erronousley

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the Leap motion to behave Recursively scraping memes from Reddit and updating the database

What I learned

Leap motion SDK More Python skills

What's next for Shaka Bruv

More social features like ratings - all gesture controlled.

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