We always get to know about the immense importance of trees, and how drastically the forest cover is decreasing. We all agree to it but do nothing. SHAJAR invites individuals to teams up to contribute towards the environment and make it better.

What it does

SHAJAR enables people who are unable to contribute due to their location or busy work schedules collaborate with ones who have a safe place and can take care of them. This also ensures a better survival rate as the sapling (young tree) is under supervision.

You are always reminded of the annual goal you have to complete that is based on your consumptions to remain carbon neutral.

How I built it

Already with a brainstormed idea and Dart/Flutter knowledge, We divided the project into 3 parts: presentation, model and providers for effective project management. The frameworks and tools used are Flutter for development, Firebase for backend, Adobe XD for UI design, Adobe Illustrator for the illustrations logo and icons.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge faced by the team was limited time. We got to know about the competition 7 days before the submission date. We have had always this idea at the back of our mind, and we took it up as a challenge.

The whole design and development were completed within 5 days of tireless hard work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The biggest accomplishment was implementing a fully working stable application in a flutter that we are content with. Completing the task in the limited time frame and being successful in things we hadn't tried made us glad and kept us motivated.

What I learned

Apart from time and stress management we learned to collaborate and worked parallelly in an organized way. For the development, chat modules were a new thing that we added. Making maps zoom in and zoom out when a place is clicked on a map to not distort the user's view was also an interesting task that we handled among many new things.

As far as the design is concerned apart from making UI and focusing on its UX as well, we tried on new making beautiful illustrations to make the user experience even more pleasing. For the presentation to stand out and make it more entertaining, we tried on making this animated video as well for the very first time.

What's next for Shajar

There are endless possibilities to contribute back, but the two foremost things that we will do is:

  • Form larger teams and make collaborations on a larger scale.
  • Accept donations in terms of money as well so it gets more mobile.

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