Shahnoza, or #snza for short, is a ML- and cloud-based app that answers the following question: Where can I buy this thing? Simply take a picture of the thing, and we'll tell you where to buy it!

Goals and User Experience

Our hopes for this project are that it provides a convenient and practical way for users to figure out the prices of any item they might see in the real world. Our desired user experience is for users take a new or existing photo of some item they might want to purchase, upload it to our service, and have product results returned to them. Perhaps the user is just curious about how much something may cost - they can quickly glance over the product prices to get an idea. If they might see something that really catches their eye, they can follow the link to the merchant's page for that item.

Implementation Details

Our primary cloud computing technology was the Google Cloud Platform Vision API, which we used to find keywords from users' uploaded images to return product results.

Things to Do

Issues encountered:

  • Loading Screen
  • Slow Backend
  • Camera Library self-styles
  • Responsiveness

Bugs fixed:

  • CORS denying POST requests
  • Domain Name Services Redirects
  • Setting Up HTTPS

Future work:

-Add more platforms to find products from -Some UI cleanup

Built With

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