In this Covid-19 pandemic, there are many people in our country facing a financial crisis right now. Cause at this time, many people are lost their job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That's why many of them not able to bear their minimum daily medical cost. I saw that some of them even didn't able to buy their regular needed medicine. So I thought that if I make a bot that helps to save millions of people life, that will be great.

What it does

Shahajjo bot helps people to donate their unused medicine to people who needed those medicines. On the other hand, if anyone needs any kind of medicine, they can also search for their medicine, which was donated by other peoples using the shahajjo bot. Doctors can also voluntarily help patients by using this bot. This will help them to submit their info into the database so that when anyone needs help from the doctor, they can also easily find doctors without any cost by using our bot. This bot will help them get consultancy about their health problems in both emergency and typical cases.

How I built it

Technologies had I used in this bot

  1. Chatfuel
  2. Google SpreadSheets
  3. JSON
  4. Facebook Page integration

Challenges I ran into

I invited some of our health officials to check this bot for getting their feedback. After using this, they had told me that this bot is so much impressive. They said that it's a great example of how technology can help us to survive together in our modern society. They also told me that they want to use this bot in nationwide. Also, suggest me to use more frontier technologies in this bot which will help us to scale up this bot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I hope that in this uncertain situation this bot will help many people to save their lives also their family members. With the help of this bot, anyone can quickly get access to the medicine without any cost and also they can get health advice from the doctors from anywhere. This bot is creating a bridge between the people who wanted to help and those who need help. I am really so much proud cause I think this bot may help many people to save their life also anyone can get access the health advice from anywhere.

What I learned

  1. How to create integration between google spreadsheets and Facebook bot
  2. How to use JSON API
  3. How to create a gallery card in messenger bot
  4. How to solving problem in healthcare by using technology.

What's next for Shahajjo Bot

  1. In the future, I want to add a feature where users can automatically search medicine by only uploading the medicine picture
  2. I also want to add another feature where bot can suggest medicine based on analyzing their symptoms

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