Food wastage, that sends more than a third of our food supply to rot is also major contributor to climate change. We at “Shafoo” realizing the impact of food wastage have come up with a novel solution to tackle food mismanagement. We plan on connecting every individual in the locality in order to promote food exchange and hence prevent food wastage.

What it does

It is a platform that allows people to exchange food for free. We have two main functions , -To share: Ping your location for the food you want to share, location will be retrieved and sent to database. -To Receive: Search the database for food available in the locality, return as blips on the map where you could gpo and collect food for consumption. We also have a ranking system in place to keep a check on the food quality and we have special filters for people with dietary restrictions so everyone can share and receive food irrespective of their allergies.

How We built it

we used the google map to obtain location data , and routing. We also built a database containing 3 attributes: kind of food, ping time and location while the time of food reaches 6 hrs it will automatically disappear

Challenges We ran into

As a UI designer faced challenges like deciding the right color scheme for the mockup,the visual hierarchy and the color contrast to go for.We were to stick to the lighter shades as we were developing a food application.We also had integrate API for Google maps in our project and also create a database to store details of the users in order to create and maintain the ranking system.So one of the major challenges was for the front end design and back end to work together to optimize the application in the best way possible. domain integration failure

Accomplishments that We are proud of

First We successfully implemented the google map API into our application The map API implementation is brought out really nicely. did HTML the first time in my project database implementation in the application

What We learned

We learned n number of new things through our project we learned database implementation Android development UI animation Web Development

What's next for ShaFoo

Since we were on a time constraint in the hackathon we couldn't implement some features and we plan on doing it in the future which includes A Proper full-fledged rating system A more deeply integrated allergies filter. A reward system where the donatees get coupons and also keeps a check on food quality being exchanged.

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