ShadowHero is inspired by the data available through the HackHarassment data repository on GitHub. The sheer quantity of this data shows the need for an intelligent online agent like ShadowHero.

What it does

ShadowHero silently listens to online user interactions. If a harassment situation is detected, ShadowHero will make a decision about how to handle the situation. The online anti-harassment activities that ShadowHero can execute are designed to quickly stop harassment as soon as it starts.

How I built it

ShadowHero use the ChatterBot framework to create a chatbot agent that can monitor online chat rooms. Tools and data from the Hack Harassment data repository on GitHub were used to train the bot to identify harassment situations.

Challenges I ran into

For this project, I needed a chat room to demonstrate the application with. At first I attempted to get it set up with Slack's API, but I couldn't get authentication to work correctly. To apply my available time more effectively I chose to use HipChat's API instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

ShadowHero represents a fully functional prototype and can be easily demonstrated to show it's effectiveness.

What I learned

This project helped me to expand my skills and knowledge regarding various open data and data analysis tools that are available to developers.

What's next for ShadowHero

The next step is to build a community around ShadowHero to support the software and expand it's functionality. The following two items are the highest priority at the moment.

  1. Adding support for ShadowHero to connect to additional social media sites and chat rooms.
  2. Creation of an infrastructure that will allow ShadowHero to monitor numerous online sites for cases of harassment.

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