I always thought Myo Armbands had more potential and I wanted to prove it by showing them off with 3 new boxing applications!

"Boxing Trainer is a hack of a gesture reader than turned it into a possibly new fitness trend in the field of boxing" -Chase Brunette-Pak

How I built it? I built by using Windows Visual Studio (First time using it) and using my knowledge of C++ to create a new application using Myo's SDK.

Challenges I ran into? Aside figuring out how to use the Myo Armband, Visual Studios, and the heaps of documentation on the device. I had also had to figure out how to use Quarterion Math to solve the issue of having no functions to help indicate positioning besides Euler Angles. There was also a runtime error that kept reoccurring every few hours, this was somehow related to the Myo Armbands working in-sync and weren't disconnecting properly. This leading me to having to reinstall their dongle drivers every 7-8 hours while working on this project.

Biggest accomplishments? That would be this project itself, being the first Hackathon were I publish my work, having 3 projects I have worked on individually, and got to really explore what it's like to be a computer scientist by playing with this new hardware

What I learned? I learned to use Visual Basic and all of it's (eye rolling) simplicity, the developer side of the Myo Armband, and using a completely way of thinking to solve my issues with positioning.

What's next for Boxing Trainer Beta? That's a real thing I have been pondering. I would love to start diving into hardware that can mimic Myo Armbands technology, but having it based for boxing and having a better usage of sensor capabilities and cooperation between devices

If you check the Git Repo you will also see multiple other applications that help train a user's boxing's skills such as Jab Training & Bobbing and Weaving!

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