The cost of having a lavish wedding in Pakistan is constantly rising. The culture in Pakistan is such that most families take out loans or spend all of their savings on weddings. Also, choosing and dealing with all the different wedding service providers is time consuming and potentially frustrating. Some of the vendors have a monopoly/ oligopoly in the market and can take advantage of the customers. At the same time, small businesses in the wedding industry are struggling to attract customers.

Here at we bring together up and coming local businesses and price conscious customers to promote and market bundled packages at discounted prices on a consolidated platform. Our reviews and rating system help create credibility, convenience and an online community for those looking to save. We provide you with your choice of a wedding theme: traditional vs contemporary as well as suggest packaged deals or allow you to customize your own package within your budget. We are not event planners!

Our target market consists of high school and college educated women between the ages of 16 - 30. These women want to portray the image of having a lavishing wedding, but cannot afford the cost associated with it. is an outlet for them to browse upcoming artists in the clothing design, photography, music, graphic design/ wedding invitation and make- up artist industry and achieve the best pricing available.

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