To play Shader World, you will need to download our source code to a computer running Windows. Go ahead and clone the latest master branch from our GitHub repo. Please make sure you have the latest version of Visual Studio (2015) installed as it is the preferred way of building and running Shader World. When running the project on Visual Studio, please be sure the solution platform is set to x64.


Shader World was implemented using C++ coding language as well as OpenGL and GLSL graphics languages. In order to make interchangeable shaders run in our program, we first had to be able to load shaders in from external files. These external files allow for users to create different shaders to later display in the program. Along with the ability to create new shaders externally, we separated the shader input values into a different class, allowing the user to specify the type of input they want to send into the shaders they have created. This modular class also allows the user to supply different skybox images to the program, changing the setting that their shader is viewed in.

What's next for Shader World

In the future we hope to create an executable program linked to a server. Users would then upload their shaders they have created to the server, allowing others to view them in their own ShaderWorld programs.


Some parts of our project was adapted with modification based on the tutorials on

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