A last minute decision led to an innovative idea of applying resourcefulness and creative thinking to a real world scenario.

What it does

Utilizes Grove Sensors to detect in sound, light, and temperature and provide digital readings to allow a consumer response.

How we built it

By delegating an individual sensor per person we were able to analyze the qualities of each sensor and then we integrate it all with a mixture of programming.

Challenges we ran into

For the sound sensor, some devices were familiar to each other, causing mixed up numbers, light sensor had complications with the amount of light it could read and temperature sensor took a longer time then necessary to cool down for the next trial. And over al trying to combine them all and not having any of the programming overwrite each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to complete the project without having any serious complications and the triumph of fixing errors that came up with individual sensors as well as being able to modify on time what we thought we couldn't do

What we learned

We learned the process of teamwork through delegation of responsibilities under extreme conditions. Communicating directions, ideas and responsibilities was heavily emphasized and practiced to efficiently execute our product's development. Being able to rely on a team member was not optional and it taught how to trust one another and help each other in the areas that we needed it.

What's next for SHAD

SHAD will be another project, another step to a future that we hope where anybody can use and can help reduce risk of injury. Being able to feel security is a main goal that we hope will be taken into account in future products. Being able to provide directions to devices for the future.

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