Our goal is to help developers be more productive. Our website will help them plan what they make, time themselves to stay on track to finish, keep track of bugs and solutions, and visualize their effectiveness.


  • Have you ever found yourself googling the same thing over and over again, trying to fix a bug that you keep encountering? Or looking up “css how to put image next to text” every time you start a new website project?
    • We have a page dedicated to all the bugs and solutions you’ve encountered. You can link specific answers from places like Stack Overflow to help with development.
    • You can catalog each solution you find with the error code or problem name, and search for them easily later so you don’t waste time looking through dozens of links until you find the same solution again.
    • The page will also have a list of all your solutions from stackoverflow, with web scraping to preserve original formatting , so you can see the common answers you need all on one page.
  • Keeping track of the components and deadlines of a big full-stack development project is difficult.
    • Under the "Planning" page, you can make flow charts showing the steps you need to take to complete the features of your project.
    • For each step, you can set a due time, and start/pause/stop a timer for it. Each timer will have a progress bar so you can see how far into that feature you should be.
    • There will also be a giant one at the top for the whole project, so you don’t end up realizing the due date is tomorrow.
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