Students that attend large lectures today are faced with a difficult problem: the process of finding and networking with other students in the class so as to learn together and collaborate on problem sets. The purpose of Sgoop is to connect those who wish to engage the material outside of class with other students with whom he or she may not be familiar.

Take for example, a student, Bruce Wayne, currently in a martial arts class at Harvard. Bruce is really enjoying class one day, but he is struggling to understand a particular form that the instructor is challenging the students to learn. With the aid of Sgoop, Bruce could log in to our site after authenticating as a student of Harvard, look up his class, find students in the course with him, and schedule a meeting time and location for fellow students to meet. Afterwards, once the material has been studying and everyone feels they have enriched their lives with more secrets of kung fu, the students would be able to review their peers to promote acceptance into study groups as a good worker and master of martial arts.

We see the great potential for this application to connect students at universities to help solve a real problem they face every day.

Both Shelby Vanhooser and Joon Yang built this project together.

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