We drew inspiration from the people around us, friends, colleagues, ,family members and even public figures who shared their experiences online.

What it does

To tackle the challenge of improving the process of moving to Singapore (new / returning to Singapore), we created SGBuddy, a personalised guide to relay all the necessary information our target users would require prior to their move. Personalised content is based on an initial profiling done through a short questionnaire our users will have to fill up before they can use the app. We have integrated SGBuddy with functions like applying / checking the status of work permits and viewing properties. With our application, users will be able to obtain every information they need to know and therefore smoothen their move to Singapore.

How we built it

Through user research and ideation, our team defined the user requirements and content that would be useful for our target users. We used Figma as our protyping software.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to gamify the application but we could not find the elements we need to make the game page nor an image that fits our requirement. We, therefore, chose to make it a list that doesn't align with our initial gamification idea. The main challenge that our team faced was the short timeframe we were given to work with. As this is our first hackathon, we were rather unfamiliar with going through the entire design process in such a quick manner. Another issue we faced was gathering feedback from potential users and interviewing them to derive painpoints. To workaround this, we watched YouTube videos to gain information on the fly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The prototype and the value adds that we attempted to include to improve the quality of our application.

What we learned

We learned to prototype fast and fail fast, especially within a short period of time, where we had limited resources. We brainstormed quickly and worked on our ideas fast, while making constant changes on the go to improve our prototype.

What's next for SGBuddy

  • User testing
  • Constant iteration of prototyping and testing the application
  • Refinement of the content
  • Actual building of the software

Built With

  • figma
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