As young engineers, we aspire to learn and become a more skilled individual. As our journey to learn and joined QHacks 2020 we wanted something simple yet has a huge impact on the community. After brainstorming we came up with sGarage and it is an application that helps identify car drivers if they left the garage open.

What it does

We created an application that uses an ultrasonic sensor and detects whether the garage door was left open. This will help drivers be able to continue with their daily commute without the stress of whether they left the door open.

How I built it

For the software portion of this project, we used Flutter and Dart. Flutter helps make both Android and iOS applications without the hassle of developing them on Android Studio and xCode. Dart is the programming language that Flutters uses to be able to compile code. For the hardware portion, we used an ESP8266 to control the servo motor and ultrasonic sensor.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges we faced were trying to communicate to the Arduino with the Flutter application. We are using MQTT to communicate between them and setting it up in Flutter was intense.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The accomplishments that we achieved were controlling the servo motor using the Flutter application and also designing the garage. Using skills learned from mechanical engineering courses we developed an efficient garage opener with a servo motor.

What I learned

We developed a greater understanding of using flutter and troubleshooting through networking applications.

What's next for sGarage

This application is a proof of concept and there are many innovations that are planned. For starters, there will be a better map added into the application to allow the application to tell where the user is and if he gets too far and the garage is still not closed it will close.

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