A bot that helps create a survey and send that survey to other people through whatsapp and integrated with AI to analyze positive or negative responses


Install dependencies

1. npm i Express
2. npm i Body Parser
3. npm i Twillio


Input phone number to the person who want to send your survey to

[Line 85]... whatsapp:+XXXXXXXXXX ... 

Make a whatsapp sandbox in twilio, click this link and Invite the person to the sandbox

[Look at picture number 1]

To start the survey, type


[Look at picture number 2]

# This is the response [Look at picture number 3]

# This is how you take the result [Look at picture number 4]

# Machine Learning Model

Predicting sentiment text from survey input

Code for machine learning

Libraries used

 pip install pandas
 pip install sklearn

Havent integrated the AI model to the bot in yet (from python to nodejs)

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