At this moment of crisis due to Covid 19 pandemic, governments all over the world are supporting their population to recover from their financial struggles. These relief funds need to reach in the hands of needy people to satisfy their daily necessities faster. On the same time the fund distribution should be secure and also it is absolute necessary to ensure these funds are not reaching the evil hands. Another aspect is to ensure that these funds will be utilized only for the intended purposes such as satisfying common man's daily needs such as groceries medicines etc. And it is a must to reduce touch points at public places especially at stores for safe and healthy life during these days.

We are trying to address all the above challenges with the help of a unique concept COVID Credits. The solution addresses government's difficulty in monitoring and planning for relief funds.

What it does

A Simplified, Secure & Transparent distribution, access and consumption of Government welfare funds to ensure well-being, safety & health of every citizen during Covid-19.

  • A Citizen App for every citizen to request funds.
  • A complete digitized process to validate eligibility & approve funds requests powered by machine learning algorithms to eliminate the need for manual taskforce (manual interventions only for exceptions)
  • A credit point based wallet (based of blockchain) through which the citizens can buy the essentials
  • A monitoring platform to track the consumption by area, by merchants built on a cloud based analytics engine.
  • Contactless payments to ensure safe & secure experience.

    Here's a quick demo

How I built it

The entire solution is addressing multiple stakeholders, the common man, merchants and the government. For the citizens, we have created an mobile app for easy reach and accessibility; the app is built in iOS. The government and merchants can involve in the ecosystem through web portals, built in ReactJS. The APIs required are distributed from Google Cloud Firebase, using Real Time Database.

The whole proposed solution is here

  • Automated Workflow for faster & reliable approval process.
  • Machine learning capabilities for fraud detection.
  • Secure & transparent credit distribution to citizens powered by Blockchain.
  • QR code & Bar code scanners for contactless shopping
  • Data analytics & visualization tools to assist government and merchants to monitor and plan the business model

Challenges I ran into

Collaborating with team mates in a strictly remote working environment was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The intention of this initiative is to support the common man in such an adverse condition. We are really proud of introduce such a solution to address common man's need and able to bring an MVP.

What I learned

  • We learned how fast an idea can be changed to a MVP; here it adds more value since there is a big social cause behind it.
  • Effective time management is something the most important factor.

What's next for SFB2

  • Our Customers are the Governments or the Banks who are tasked with providing access and distributing the funds to the citizens.
  • Post Covid-19, this platform can be used to create a circular model for the Government or Bank who own this; since they will already have an ecosystem created for the platform to be in action.

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