During class-

  • No more forgetting iClicker, dead batteries
  • More complex responses
  • Less intimidating way to ask questions during class
  • Forming study groups or project discussions

After Class:

  • Threaded discussion promotes deeper follow-up/peripheral discussions
  • Easier to form spontaneous virtual study groups/project meetings.

This app SF-Unite will help you finish your assignments when you are struggling in the few hours before submission date! Ask a question or start a discussion with people sharing the same course as yours. Users can select the course number and can comment on other people’s questions or post their own - resolving problems and learning at the same time. Post a question on the discussion board on the website without leaving the lecture slides. This preserves the lecture flow and students are more active and engaged in the classroom.

Our app is an asynchronous forum sites which includes multiple forums for the class to use on different assignments, document retrieval and submission, message status indicators and email services. The student ‘attends’ the class through the daily interaction on the forum. Class members ‘meet’ and form study groups, establish professional relationships, debate class topics, and act as a class would if held continually. Through the forum, most educational activities offered on campus are matched by this on-line analog.

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