State Farm is TOP 1 Insurance company who offers good variety of insurance to help everyone with something that they need. Not everyone is aware of all the services that the company provides. Also not everyone like reading through all texts on the websites to learn more about those services.

What it does

We created a fun interactive application that helps to stimulate users' effort to learn more about the services that the company provides. Users can click through different objects to find out what State Farm has to offer as well as enter their information to find agents to help.

How we built it

The application is built using React. We created a database with all the services that State Farm provides via CockRoachDB, then connect it with the React application. 3D objects were dowloaded from open sourced and edited in Blender. We deployed the project using Google Firebase Hosting and redirected with

Challenges we ran into

We were planing to use Velo by Wix. However it was difficult for 3D objects that we would be using. We spent a good amount of time to learn Velo but then after 3 hours of struggling, we decided to use React. Also we are new to CockroachDB and databases in general, so there was a learning curve for our team members.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is small and fairly new to some of the technology so we are happy with the application that we come up with and code it into reality.

What we learned

We got to learn and use database in our application. We also got to work with 3D objects in Blender and integrate them in our React Application.

What's next for SF in da House

The time was short and sweet. Although there are a few things we did not get to implement due to the short amount of time, in the future we can improve the graphics and integrate maps to show near-by agents.

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