Worker Onboarding – Customer Problem Statement I’m a day laborer in San Francisco who immigrated to San Francisco, no bank account/English and I want to receive enough work to support myself and my family. I’m trying to get work opportunities from participating in activities at the SF Day Labor Program and Women’s Collective. But I don’t know how to effectively participate in the organization because I don’t see how much I’ve participated, what work opportunities exist and what benefits they offer me which makes me feel confused and frustrated about how much work I receive.

What it does

We built a solution that allows easy on boarding of a worker in the SF Labor Program. It keeps the worker engaged by providing information like the upcoming events, list of tasks and their position in the job queue. The organizer of the program can create events and alert its members.

How we built it ?

We worked closely with the NPO members to understand their problems and worked together to provide a good experience for their workers. We had members with varied skills in our team. We started with designing the experience and collaborated closely to build an iOS and a web app.

Challenges we ran into?

The server and database setup took a lot of time as the organization’s database wasn’t designed effectively and wasn’t compatible with our solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of?

We were able to deliver a product that solves the essential problems of the NPo which is the on boarding and effective engagement of their workers.

What we learned ?

We learnt the importance of effective team work and communication. We also learnt how to work directly with a customer and understand their requirements and try out new things as a result of that.

What's next for SF Day Labr Prgrm & Womn’s Collectv - Worker Onboardng?

We will continue communicating with the organization and keep working with the organization to refine the solution.

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