Digital advertising on its beginning was meant for web, always connected with unlimited inventory based on rotation or scrolling pages. Today, newspapers moving from paper to digital delivered to mobile tablets, are having hard time to find the right tool for selling ads. Most of the tools out there are created for selling Web Ads (infinite inventory). There is a BIG business opportunity for a tool allowing reps to sell digital advertising for delivered content.

“Ad_Reservation” uses Salesforce platform to give sales teams a way to reserve spaces and sale advertising based on publication date with limited space offer.

In this App, Pricebook are related to Editions since one Opportunity could contain more than one ad, each one for a different date with a different price.

The performance was key consideration for designing data model, triggers and queries. The App only query the required amount of data and only when it’s needed.

Each spot is represented by a binary 1 or 0 inside an Integer number stored in a ReservationEntry__C objet. The sum of multiple numbers are calculated at the parent level (Page) with a “Roll-Up Summary” field. So, at any time the Page is able to know the spot availability.

It will be my pleasure to show you in person my tool as finalist, and if I win the contest, it will help me to go further with the tool and create the ultimate sales tool for digital advertising. BIG FUTURE

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