Although at the moment if you think about online presence the first thing comes to your mind is facebook/twitter/instagram page, but there is nobody who can deny the benefit of having a dedicated webpage. But if you want to create a webpage, you either have to learn complex ui of webpage builder or hire a web developer(we know how hard is hiring good developer). SeyanAI merge these 2 options and creates a third option. Seyan is like website builder but you dont need to learn anything beforehand also it is like a web developer who is creative and learner and can do custom things for you.

What it does

SeyanAI aims to make it easier to develop and manage simple websites and graphics. Just chat with it like normal human developer/designer and get your work done. At the moment it cannot handle many things. but i am working to implement all the features asap.

How I built it

This prototype version is build with amazon lex as intent parser and aws lambda as backend processor. Website generated are uploaded to s3 with static website enabled and a subdomain entry is added to Route53 hosted zone.

Challenges I ran into

Amazon lex has many limitations. I will talk to lex team and see if they can implement certain features. If not i have other plans.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i came to know about aws bot challenge just 4 days ago. and i have developed this prototype in just 3 days. thats something i am very proud of. B)

What I learned

I hadnt developed any chatbot before. so this is first time i got introduced to chatbot frameworks and technologies.

What's next for SeyanAI

Target is to make Seyan replaceable with any blue collar coder.

Built With

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