You just found you match with Quak! We are a mobile social engagement platform that enables users to find matches in his or her wifi network. We wanted to take a unique approach to the dating app market and wondered if two people share a wifi connection could they possibly share an even deeper connection? Qwak finds those missed opportunities in your coffee shops, libraries, and airports based off of your profile and preferences. Our network is YOUR [wireless] network and after using our app you may realize how much more you share with your matches besides wifi.

What it does

Quak uses geolocation and filters by your local area network including home networks and public hotspots. Once you detect other hot singles on your hotspot, it shows your a "hot spot" which is the name of your match and a color indicator that turns red if you are closer and blue if you are or farther away from your match.

How we built it

Our backend uses python flask and amazon web services. We built the app using Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some issues debugging code in Android Studio and synching up with the data base but our issues were resolved after some late night stack overflowing.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of how much functionality we were able to implement into our app during this 24 hour hackathon. We have all the core features of our app that we wanted working by submission time.

What we learned

No one on our team had much Android Studio experience before the hackathon and so throughout the experience we learned a lot about UI/UX, Activities, waiters, and best practices to use when developing Android applications.

What's next for Qwak

We would not want to leave our iOS friends behind and so an iOS compatible app will be next to come! Additionally we want our users to be able to filter by age and build a chat feature to coordinate meeting location. Right now the app finds the closest user in your wifi network and automatically matches you. Future releases could include a system to accept or reject potential matches and a queue that adds matches every time you join a new network to match at a more convenient time.

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