We have too many cars and traffic jam in our cities. Cars are very space demanding, and are not climate friendly.

What it does

We stimulate citizens to choose bicycle, public transport ride sharing instead of using the car. Additional it creates a better social inclusion: vital senior citizens can offers their service to drive shuttle cars for bsuy families. Or work training people (arbeidstrenings/attføring) can be engaged to offer shared rides. We stimulate social groups as fx. sports clubs to ride sharing, to reduce the amount of cars in our cities.

How we built it

We develop a web based solution. Its a platform which presents all modes of transportation (car route planner, public transport connections etc). Additional users can offer and arrange ride sharing on this platform.

Challenges we ran into

Revenue streams in the business model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Social inclusion benefit in the field of transportation.

What we learned

Using open datasets from ENTUR, National public road administration and others. Using the business model canvas. Presentation techniques.

What's next for sexy samferdsel (arbeidstittel)

Rocking the mobility sector, and bringing this social component to all major norwegian cities.

Built With

  • entur-dataset
  • leaflet-api
  • svv-reiserute-api
  • webbased
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