We are a team that is passionate about both sexual health and public services, so Health Philly was a natural thing to produce. In a world where resources are often more available than information about those resources, we hope to fill that gap, since we noticed that many scattered resources exist but no one-size-fits-all option.

What it does

Health Philly is a mobile-friendly web app that displays data & resources related to sexual health, healthcare, abuse, and more in the Philadelphia area.

How we built it

Health Philly was built on top of a Django back-end, integrating leaflet.js for map display and Python for data parsing.

Challenges we ran into

Getting leaflet.js to work properly (and update on changes in search) was a huge struggle, but ultimately worth it for the extra utility of location-based service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we were most proud of our ability to finish our first Hackathon, while producing something that could make an actionable difference in the Philly region!

What we learned

Several of our team members were unfamiliar with Django before this project, so they certainly learned (in a trial-by-fire situation!) a new skill. We were also able to build rapport with some new members and integrate them into the team that already knew each other well.

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