sEd (short for sexual education) is an iOS game that aims teach young people about STDs.


Young people, aged 15-24, account for 50% of all new STDs, even though they represent just 25% of the sexually experienced population, according to the Center for Disease Control. That's wild! We believe that easily digestible sexual education is important. There is clearly a gap in the way our education system teaches sexual education, and it is crucial to our country's health to be informed about these topics.


The first version of our game introduces Chlamydia and Crabs, two common STIs. Users move their avatar up and down to avoid the incoming STIs. If the user is hit, it's game over, and a fact about the STI will appear. Easily digestible information!!!! Catching condoms grants the player temporary immunity.


In the future, we plan to include more STIs and STDs, and are aiming to improve gameplay by adding a health bar and treatments for diseases.

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